About Starr

Leslie Starr O'HaraLeslie Starr O’Hara is a human who lives on a mini-farm in the mountains of North Carolina (Planet Earth) with her fiance, her daughter,  a dog, four pigs and the most tolerant cat the world has yet produced.  When she is not engaged in the art of family-wrangling, she is usually reading, writing or contemplating speculative fiction.  Other interests include: hula hooping, bacon, mycology, phrenology, Dogon astrology, time travel, all two hundred eighty six flavors of freedom, permaculture, vermiculture, international tea culture, interstellar commerce, magical musical experiences, and eating sushi with revolutionaries.  Her close friends call her “Starr”, but she prefers to write under her full name because it sounds more pretentious. Her proudest literary achievement to date has been the coining of the term “bureauctopus” (The Doublespeak Dictionary, 2010)


3 thoughts on “About Starr

  1. Hi, Leslie,

    The link to the submission that got you accepted to Odyssey doesn’t work, but I would REALLY love to read it. Any chance you can help me?


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      • I am indeed applying to Odyssey this year. I am currently writing my short story submission, and found your site while searching for stories that had been accepted to Odyssey. There aren’t any published statistics on the likelihood of getting into Odyssey, and I know it won’t change my own chances, but I thought reading an accepted submission might make me feel better about my own story and figure out what the expectations are.

        If you don’t feel like sharing your story, no worries, I totally understand!


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